Our Services are not just limited We do all kind of work except body work.

Major and Minor Repair

We offer basic to Major Repair as Tune-up, brakes, Radiator, Heating and Air-conditioning, oil changes, battery services, ac services, brake services, state inspections, Transmission and engine performance or replacement, Tires and many more services for both Domestic and foreign all make and model Vehicles. Hi Tech believes the best way to maintain your vehicle is to choose a quality full-service auto repair shop and have service work performed by professional technicians trained to identify potential problems. This helps prevent breakdowns and often saves money by allowing you to make a small repair now rather than a much bigger one later. 

Here are some of our most Popular Major & Minor Repair Services:

We Offer Superior Services-

Hi Tech Motor always promise to provide quality automotive repair services at affordable price. Our highly skilled Technicians are experienced in handling all forms of auto repairs.